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Plinio Nastari

Civil Society Representative at Brazil´s Ministry-level National Council on Energy Policy (CNPE), 2016-2018, reassigned 2019-2020.

President, DATAGRO Consulting, one of the world’s leading consulting company specialized in agricultural markets, serving clients in 41 countries since 1984.

M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, was Professor of Economics at FGV SPaulo 1984-2001.

Executive Director and President of the Board of the Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineers, 2000-2002.

Chief Economist in trade disputes involving ethanol exports to the US (US ITC), and subsidized sugar exports from the EU, EU bananas import regime, and Brazilian regime for import of used and retreaded tires (WTO).

Lead author of IPCC, Consultant for Biomass Energy other than Wood, to the World Energy Council.